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Different results between rapid API and rewriter

Rapid account: Mixalis Panagiotaras


There are VERY different results between rapidAPI rewriter vs Smodin rewriter in their website! At least for Greek Language support.
Web rewriter in webpage is performing significantly better and has high quality results in comparison with the rapidAPI.
Why is this happening? Why rapidAPI is not using the same rewrite tools as Smodin webpage?
I come to the conclusion that it’s not worth paying EVERY month that kind of money in RapidAPI with so low results in the rewriter in relation with Smodin rewriter.
I paid for the montly subscription because of the results of Smodin rewriter and now I see that many of my new articles, have unreadable format for my Greek viewers!

Rapid account: Mixalis Panagiotaras
mixalis.panagiotaras Commented 4 months ago


I don’t know how you manage to make your rewriter so good in in Greek Language support and you messed things up in API support and your Smodin WordPress Plugin!
The plugin is useless!!! How to use it without auto rewrite post? You meant to develop it and each time the user must press the rewrite button??? In 200 posts per day?? As if we haven’t any other matters to attend to? This cannot be serious!!

And in the API support in the prices look like a joke! I am forced to use a third party WordPress plugin (because yours is useless) the WordPress Auto Spinner - Post Rewriter, which I also paid and the ultra plan with 39.99 and rewriter request with 2500/month its like its charging us double or triple rates. In only 2 days I am already in 29% of total Quota usage!!! How is that possible? With 100 posts per day?

Also the WordPress Auto Spinner - Post Rewriter hasn’t any option to choose the strength of the rewrite 1,2,3 like in the webpage. Also the rewrited posts are not similar with webpage as a matter of fact they are very low quality and almost unreadable.
So if you cannot or don’t want to develop a serious WordPress plugin to back up your quality work in rewriter , you must contact the plugin developer who integrated the API, and help him for better integration in order for us to post and have the auto rewrite option in our blogs and the rewrited posts be EXACTLY the same as in webpage.

Now I have bought a Rewriter Premium subscription in smodin website.
An ultra Subscription in the
A third party WordPress plugin in order to have the auto rewrite option.
In total I have paid almost 70 Euros
And I can only use the website rewrite for EVERY single post MANUALLY!!!
This is ridiculous…

And how can you say that you dont offer yourr recreate method as an API, if you see below this plugin developer has your API in the supported list and I’ve managed to connect to your API with the Credentials i put in the plugin

Rapid account: Smodin
smodin Commented 4 months ago

Hello Mixalias,
I can guarantee that the code is exactly the same for this API and on Smodin. I did see that you’re using a different plugin, so there is a possibility that the plugin is causing issues. Also, I’d like to clarify that we don’t offer our recreate method as an API due to 3rd party negotiations.

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