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Tagdef API Documentation

Tagdef.com is the worlds largest hashtag dictionary. Use this api to access these definitions. The content is user-generated, and the directory currently contains over 60.000 definitions. The hashtags can have many definitions each, ordered by user-votes.

The hashtags are often related to Twitter , but is also commonly used on Pinterest and Google+ .

This API is free to use, but you must provide a clickable link back to the tagdef.com page for the given tag when using information from the API. This link can be found in the uri part of the reply.

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GETGet top definition
GETGet list of definitions
GETGet list of definitions

Returns the top definitions, currently max 5. Ordered by popularity. This popularity is based on user votes, but is weighed using an intern algorithm on Tagdef.com

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Install SDK for (Node.js)Unirest

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OAuth2 Authentication