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Influencer Search API

The Social Animal Influencer Search API is a very powerful service deploying state-of-the-art algorithms to find you top influencers for pretty much any keyword. The simple-to-use API provides your systems with high-quality influencer data leveraging which you can build very valuable products or services. We process and analyze close to a million top shared articles every day, finding you the influencers who really matter.

The Social Animal Influencer Search API is the only API on the market that can search for influencers based on keywords in the article URLs they share. This means you get real influencers based on what they really share on Twitter. This is important since most other APIs are based on content in the influencer’s Twitter bio text or Tweets they share. Social Animal’s powerful algorithms however look deep. They fetch articles shared by influencers and look for keywords in them. You can use the Social Animal Influencer Search API to search real influencers based on keywords in content they shared. This value passes directly on to your product or service you build on top of our APIs.

Things you need to know before you start

  • The Social Animal Influencer Search API has two types of searches. One based on keywords in the content shared by influencers and the other, a search of their Twitter bio text. Both types of searches have their uses. The first type of search looks at keywords inside of article URLs shared by influencers. This makes it a very deep and powerful search and is very unique to Social Animal. The second type of search is a straightforward search of the Twitter bio search. You can always sort the results by the number of followers and get the most valuable influencers.

  • The rate limit is 1 req/sec by default.

Request Headers

  • X-RapidAPI-Host (String, required)
  • X-RapidAPI-Key (String, required)

Influencer Search

The Social Animal’s Influencer Search API is extremely simple. There is just one single RESTful API call, but you control what you get in the search results via different parameters you send it. In the following sections, we explain in detail the different filters and sorting options that will help you get the best out of the Social Animal Influencer API.

Influencer API



Request Object Parameters

Parameters control filtering and sorting. There is sufficient indication of whether parameters are mandatory, mutually exclusive, etc. Should you have any trouble using the Social Animal Content API, please see section below on support.

The Query

  • query (Object, required) – Query by the specified key. Possible key is keyword
  • keyword (String) –- Match one or more keywords in the articles or twitter profiles.

Simple Request Example

The following call fetches twitter profiles for “digital marketing”. Twitter profile search is default search type.

POST { "query": { "keyword": "digital marketing" } }

Types of Search

  • _search_type (String, Optional) _ – Default search value is twitter_bios. Other possible value is influencer to search by keywords inside content of URLs shared by influencers.

Advanced Search Results Filtering

  • Social Animal Influencer API allows you complete control of results through filters. You can specify multiple filters on influencers. If any filters are mutually exclusive, you’ll find it clearly indicated. there is no filters applicable for type influencer.

  • filter (Object, optional) – Advanced filters to further refine the query. You can set multiple keys in the filter object depending on what filters you want to apply. Please see below for the different filter keys you can use.

By Name

name (String) - Match one or more twitter profile names. Results matching the name specified are returned.

By Location

location (String) - Match one or more twitter profiles by specified location. Searches the location specified in the Twitter profile. Please be aware that this is a free text field and Twitter users are free to write whatever they want here and this might not be the name of a real place.

By Language

lang (String) – Filter by the language in which the twitter user uses Twitter, e.g: en, fr, es. Use two-letter language codes as specified in ISO-639-1.


url (String) – Retrieve the twitter profiles that have specified this particular URL in their Twitter bio text.

By Minimum Followers

_min_followers (Integer) _- Retrieve only those profiles having a minimum number of followers. By default, profiles irrespective of the number of followers are retrieved.

By Minimum Followings

min_followings (Integer) - Retrieve only those profiles having a minimum number of followings. By default, profiles irrespective of the number of followings are retrieved. This is the count of Twitter profiles a particular Twitter users follows.

By Minimum Tweets

min_tweets (Integer) - Retrieve only those profiles having a minimum number of tweets. By default, profiles irrespective of the number of tweets are retrieved.

By Maximum Followers

max_followers (Integer) - Retrieve only those profiles having upto this number of followers. By default, profiles irrespective of the number followers are retrieved.

By Maximum Followings

max_followings (Integer) - Retrieve only those profiles having upto this number of followings. By default, profiles irrespective of the number of followings are retrieved.

By Maximum Tweets

max_tweets (Integer) - Retrieve only those profiles having upto this number of tweets. By default, profiles irrespective of the number tweets are retrieved.

Profile Search Vs. Bio Search.

is_profile_search (Boolean) – This is set to True by default. If set to True, retrives profiles containing given keywords in the Twitter handle name or in the user’s Twitter bio text. Searches only Twitter handle name if this is set to False and ignores the text in the Twitter bio field.

Include Hash tag results.

is_hash_search (Boolean) – This is set to True by default. Retrives profiles based on hashtags included in the Twitter bio text.

Sorting Content Results

You can control the sorting order of the results that are returned with sort related parameters.

Sorting Results

sort_by (String, optional) – Field by which to sort the results. Default value is followers_count. Possible values are listed_count, favourites_count and statuses_count .

Sort Order

sort_order (String, optional) – Order of sorting. Default value is DESC. This sorts content in descending order by followers count on twitter. So, you’ll see the profiles that have the most followers on top. Possible values are ASC and DESC.

Paginating Results

Any call to the Social Animal Influencer API can return up to a maximum of 100 results. The folling parameters let you manage how the results are returned in a paginated fashion so that they are in manageable chunks for use in your own app or script.

  • _results_per_page (Integer, optional) _-- The number of results that will be returned per page. Default value is 100. Possible values are 10, 25, 50 and 100.

  • offset (Integer, optional) -– The offset from which the next page of results is retrieved. To get the next page of results, you can simply pass next_page_offset which is sent as part of the response in your next call. Please see example below.

  • max_results (Integer, optional) –- The maximum number of results that should be returned. Default value is 10000. Acceptable values ranges from 1 to 10000 inclusively. Although not very useful, this is provided for the sake of completeness.

Request Example

{ "query": { "keyword": "iot" }, "filter": { "min_followers": 10000 }, "results_per_page": 2, "sort_by": "listed_count", "sort_order": "ASC" }

Response Success Parameters

  • status (String, required) – Will have value success always.
  • _results_in_page (Integer, required) _-- The number of results included in the API response.
  • next_page_offset (Integer, required) – The value to be passed for offset to retrieve the next page.
  • total_results (Integer, required) – The total number of results in the result set.
  • data (Array, required) – A list of influencer objects that match the request criteria.

Response Example

{ "status": "success", "total_results": 576, "data": [ { "utc_offset": -18000, "friends_count": 1, "profile_image_url_https": "", "listed_count": 0, "default_profile_image": false, "favourites_count": 476, "verified": false, "description": "Eng., PhD, 6th Kyu #AI #DeepLearning #GenerativeArt #IoT #Wearables #Sensors #Biotech #SelfAwareness #EmotionalIntelligence #FutureOfWork", "created_at": "2017/02/24 05:48:57", "profile_image_url": "", "time_zone": "Eastern Time (US & Canada)", "url": "", "account_created_at": "2017/02/21 08:32:16", "updated_at": "2017/02/24 05:48:57", "screen_name": "AliciaHeraz", "statuses_count": 9, "followers_count": 10565, "default_profile": false, "id_str": "834138693673898000", "name": "Alicia Heraz", "location": null, "id": 834138693673898000, "lang": "en", "category": "general" }, { "utc_offset": null, "friends_count": 84, "profile_image_url_https": "", "listed_count": 0, "default_profile_image": false, "favourites_count": 35, "description": "Toschain official website:\nTOS chain is a decentralization layered block network technology based on SDAG for the IOT.", "created_at": "2018/04/21 11:53:16", "account_created_at": "2018/03/21 09:28:44", "updated_at": "2018/04/21 11:53:16", "screen_name": "TOSCommuniy", "id_str": "976390138451304400", "id": 976390138451304400, "lang": "zh-CN", "verified": false, "profile_image_url": "", "time_zone": null, "url": "", "statuses_count": 25, "followers_count": 15788, "default_profile": false, "profile_use_background_image": false, "name": "Toschain", "location": null, "category": "general" } ], "results_in_page": 2, "next_page_offset": 2 }

Response Error Parameters

  • status (String, required) – Will have value error always.
  • message (String, required) – The response error message.

Response Error Example

{ "status": "error", "message": "Bad Request" }


Should you need any support regarding the Social Animal Content API subscription plans or developer support in general, please feel free to reach out to us at

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