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Share Count API

Social Animal’s Share Count API lets you retrieve counts of how many times any given URLs were shared on popular social media sites. Social Animal Share Count API supports the most popular social media websites. Please see the response example below to get an idea.

Things you need to know before you start

  • The rate limit is 1 req/sec by default.

Share count API endpoint

POST /api/v1/articles/share_counts

This API endpoint retrieves share counts for the URLs specified in the query parameters. Please refer to the query parameters below for further details.

You can batch URLs in a single request. You can specify up to 10 URLs in each request. Please see the section The Query below to see how you can send more than one URL for which to get share counts.

Request Headers

  • X-RapidAPI-Host (String, required)
  • X-RapidAPI-Key (String, required)

Request Object Parameters

There is sufficient indication of whether parameters are mandatory, mutually exclusive, etc. Should you have any trouble using the Social Animal Content API, please see section below on support.

The Query

  • _query (Object, required) _-- Query by the specified key. Possible key are urls.
  • urls (Array, required) –- Multiple URLs can be sent as part of this array. Only a maximum of 10 URLs per request are allowed. If more than 10 URLs are passed, then an error is returned. Even if you wish to specify only one URL, it has to be a single string element in the array. Do not send it as a stand-alone string.

Simple Request Example

{ "query":{ "urls": ["", "" ] } }

Successful Response Sample

{ [ { "linkedin_share_count": 0, "twitter_share_count": 10167, "pinterest_share_count": 0, "total_share_count": 10169, "facebook_share_count": 2, "url": "", "gplus_share_count": 0 }, { "linkedin_share_count": 0, "twitter_share_count": 11103, "pinterest_share_count": 0, "total_share_count": 11104, "facebook_share_count": 1, "gplus_share_count": 0, "url": "" } ] }


Should you need any support regarding the Social Animal Content API subscription plans or developer support in general, please feel free to reach out to us at

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