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Getting Started with Reddit API

This guide will help you quickly integrate and use our API to access various Reddit data. Below is an overview of our primary endpoints and their functionalities.


  • GET v1/search: Search for posts, subreddits, or users based on specific criteria.


  • GET v2/posts: Retrieve a list of posts from a specific subreddit or multiple subreddits.

Post Details

  • GET v1/post-details: Get detailed information about a specific post, including comments and metadata.
  • GET v1/user-data: Access information about a specific Reddit user, including their posts and comment history.

To get started, follow these steps:

1. Obtain an API Key: Sign up for an API key to authenticate your requests.

2. Make Your First Request:

  • Use your preferred programming language to make HTTP GET requests to the endpoints.
  • Include your API key in the request headers.

3. Handle Responses:

  • The API returns data in JSON format. Ensure your application can parse JSON responses.
  • Check the response status codes to handle errors gracefully.

Example Workflow

1. Search for Content:

  • Endpoint: GET v1/search
  • Description: Search for posts, subreddits, or users with specific keywords.

2. Retrieve Posts:

  • Endpoint: GET v1/posts
  • Description: Fetch posts from a specific subreddit or a set of subreddits.

3. Get Post Details:

  • Endpoint: GET v1/post-details
  • Description: Get detailed information about a particular post, including comments.

4. Access User Data:

  • Endpoint: GET v1/user-data
  • Description: Retrieve data about a specific Reddit user, such as their posts and comments.

Tips for Effective Use

  • Rate Limits: Be mindful of API rate limits to avoid being throttled.
  • Error Handling: Implement robust error handling for different status codes returned by the API.
  • Data Storage: Consider caching frequent requests to optimize performance and reduce API calls.

By following this guide, you’ll be able to efficiently utilize the Reddit API to access and integrate Reddit data into your applications. For more detailed information on each endpoint and additional features, refer to our API documentation.

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