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Football Pro API Documentation

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GETLine-Up by Fixture ID
GETAll Line-Ups by Player ID
Players & Coaches
GETPlayer by ID
GETCoach by ID
GETEvents by Fixture ID
GETLive Standings by Season ID
GETStandings by Season ID
GETStandings by Season ID and Round ID
Fixtures & Livescores
GETFixture by ID
GETFixtures Between 2 Dates
GETFixtures Currently Inplay
GETFixtures Inplay by League
GETLast Updated Fixtures
GETFixtures of Today
GETFixtures by Date
GETFixtures by ID List
Pre-Match and Live Odds
GETInplay Odds by Fixture ID
GETPre-Match Odds by Fixture ID
GETSearch Player by Name
GETSearch Team by Name
GETSearch League by Name
GETVenues by Season ID
GETVenues by ID
GETAll Leagues
GETLeague by ID
Teams & Squads
GETTeams Squad by Season ID
GETTeams by Season ID
GETActive Season by Team ID
GETTeam by ID
GETSeason by ID
GETSeason Schedule
GETAll Seasons
GETAggregated Cardscorers by Season ID
GETAssistscorers by Season ID
GETAggregated Goalscorers by Season ID
GETAll Aggregated Topscorers by Season ID
GETGoalcorers by Season ID
GETCardscorers by Season ID
GETAggregated Assistscorers by Season ID
GETAll Topscorers by Season ID
GETPlayer Statistics by Fixture ID
GETTeam Season Statistics by Team ID
GETPlayer Statistics by Player ID and Season ID
GETPlayer Statistics by Player ID
GETSeason Statistics by Season ID
GETTeam Statistics by Team ID and Season ID
GETMatch Statistics by Fixture ID
Continents & Countries
GETAll Countries
GETAll Continents
GETContinent by ID
GETCountry by ID
GETTrends by Fixture ID
GETSidelined by Player ID
GETTransfers by Player ID
GETVideo Highlights by Fixture ID
GETCommentaries by Fixture ID
GETTV Stations by Fixture ID
GETBenched Players by Fixture ID
GETStages by Season ID
GETStage by ID
GETHead 2 Head by Team ID's
Bookmakers & Odds Markets
GETOdds Market by ID
GETAll Odds Markets
GETBookmaker by ID
GETAll Bookmakers
GETRounds by Season ID
GETRound by ID
GETLine-Up by Fixture ID

This endpoint gives you the line-up information of a Fixture ID.

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