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Soccer - Sports Open Data API Documentation

Sports Open Data is a project started in June 2015 created by Paolo Riva, Riccardo Quatra and Fabio Sgroi.
This project was born by a need we've found when looking for statistics in Sports: no website offers its data in an Open Data way.
Sports Open Data will work in this way: by providing a JSON REST API, Sports Open Data allow you to manage data for every single match we've stored on our database.
And that's not over: Sports Open Data has been structured as an Open Organization: feel free to partecipate to our project or simply be part of our community to make it grow day by day. Open Data created by users for users.

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Leagues / Cups
GETList of Leagues
GETLeague Details
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GETSeason Details
GETSeason Standings
GETSeason Standings Position
GETSeason Rounds
GETSeason Specified Round
GETRound Matches
GETRound Specified Match
GETSeason Teams Available
GETLeague Referee in season
GETLeague Managers in a Season for a Team
GETLeague Top Scorer
GETSeason Teams Available Players
GETSeason Matches for a Team
GETSeason Head 2 Head
GETStadiums List
GETEvents List
GETList of Leagues

With this API you can retrieve all the leagues available on Soccer Sports Open Data

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