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StockTwits API

The StockTwits API enables developers to access many StockTwits features including ticker and user streams, message and chart sharing, and the StockTwits social graph from within their applications. Use our API to build a social layer into any financial application or web site. Drive more engagement for your audience and reach for your content through the StockTwits community and the connections your users already have created through our network. You can also increase engagement with our unique, curated conversation streams focused on securities and dedicated financial topics. The API presently support JSON format. Dive into the API methods


When a StockTwits user authorizes your application, your application gets access to the user’s StockTwits account. By default, your application can only access the user’s public data. If your application needs to read private data or change user’s associated data, your application can request a larger permission scope. StockTwits uses the open authentication OAuth 2.0 for authentication. Learn more about authentication and how to sign in users with StockTwits to your website.

Rate Limits

The StockTwits API only allows clients to make a limited number of calls in a given hour. The default rate limit for calls to the REST API varies depending on the authorization method being used and whether the method itself requires authentication. Learn about the limits

Error and Response Codes

All API responses return a JSON object with the appropriate HTTP status codes and additional data, like error messages. Error messages contain machine-parseable codes as well as additional descriptive error text. View all the codes and responses

Display Guidelines

It is important that when you integrate StockTwits functionality into your site or application you do so in a consistent manner. We have put together some guidelines on how to display StockTwits content on your site. We have also provided the appropriate logos and graphics to help you develop your applications. Learn more about display guidlines

Cashtag Linking and Character Counting

Messages on StockTwits are organized around financial securities using a $ before the ticker symbol, also known as a cashtag. Linking to cashtags within a message can be a challenge. We have created a library which provides autolinking and extraction for cashtags. We are always keeping this up to date with the newest symbols in our symbology. Learn more and get the library

The StockTwits messages have character limits and this can be a challenge to work with as you publish messages. There are a few rules when on how characters are counted. We have put together information on the hard rules and how all these characters get counted. Learn more about character counting

StockTwits Symbology

At StockTwits we use our $TICKER Cashtags to support discussions for almost 10,000 symbols representing supported publicly traded equities as well as Futures and Forex instruments. To enable developers to keep up we have created a symbology file which includes all supported Cashtags (including NYSE, NASDAQ, NYSE Mkt, NYSEL Arca and TSX listed equities as well as Futures and Forex instruments). This file is updated daily and includes the StockTwits ID, Symbol, Exchange and Equity Name. These are all symbols that are currently being talked about by the StockTwits community. Note that we don’t currently support Bulletin Board stocks. Download the StockTwits symbology

API Support

We have tried our best to provide documentation and tools to work with the StockTwits API, but sometimes you have a questions or issue. Feel free to post on our discussion forum and search for past issues to find answers. We will be in there answering as much as we can. You can also email us at and we will try and get back to you as soon as possible.

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