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The following example retrieves all Jordan sneakers that were released in 2019 or after.

Date Filtering Considerations
When filtering on date and using the less than and equal to operator, please be aware that sneakers missing a release date may be returned in the results. Currently, these sneakers have a release year of 0. This may require you to add some additional logic to filter out these sneakers.Please remember that dates must be in the YYYY-MM-DD format.

As of this release the following operations are available:
lt – less than
gt – greater than
lte – less than or equal to
gte – greater than or equal to
lte – less than or equal to


The default sort order for queries is descending by release date. Filtering is required in order to ignore unreleased sneakers as they will be returned first.

The following request will return all vans sneakers by retail price in descending order. Please notice the “:” between the sort field and the sort order.

To sort in ascending order replace “desc” with “asc”.

Sort order is ignored when searching by name, as our interest is returning the most relevant sneakers first.

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