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The Basetrip API Package

Get travel information for 232 countries - including basic & currency information, electricity (sockets & plugs), tipping, ATMs, credit & debit cards, driving, dial codes, internet & mobile phone prices, health, emergency numbers, embassies and more.

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The Basetrip API

The Basetrip API


Welcome to The Basetrip's API. Here you will find all the info you need to know to get started using our API, including use cases, pricing & actual requests and responses.

The Basetrip API enables you to retrieve travel information for more than 240 countries - including basic information (name, ISO codes, flag, GeoJSON etc.) currency information, electricity (sockets & plugs), tipping, ATMs, credit & debit cards, driving, dial codes, internet & mobile phone, health, emergency numbers, embassy contacts and more.

Use cases

The Basetrip API is already being used within various mobile applications, websites and industries to enrich existing user experiences. The most common ones being tourist agencies, travel agents, travel platforms, accommodation providers and publishers related to tourism/travel.

Tourism agencies

Most common scenario is enriching existing sites for tourism itineraries and routes and providing additional info on checkout page like whether to bring an electrical adapter, what is the tipping etiquette etc.

Travel agents

Agents within larger corporations are using The Basetrip to gather basic info about particular country which they then enrich with custom trip/itinerary information.

Travel platforms & accommodation providers

Travel platforms and accommodation providers are using The Basetrip to provide their users with additional data/snippets of particular city or a country, alongside their main offers like trips or apartment bookings.


Publishers are using The Basetrip to accompany travel articles with country data i.e. if travel article is about France, publisher would provide additional snippets alongside the article about France.


We are retrieving data from multiple online and offline sources including PDFs, paper tourist guides and more to combine them together and provide you with the structured data. Some data may be omitted for some countries as not all countries have all the data available. Existing data is continually updated and new data is added on monthly basis.


If you have any questions or comments, please let us know at [email protected].


To get access to the API you'll need your API key. You will receive it via email shortly after you pay the monthly subscription. When you receive API key, use it as the {{api-key}} variable. API key must be sent via X-API-Key header on every request.

Base URL

Base URL is https://api.thebasetrip.com/v2. Latest API version is v2. Old version v1 is deprecated, but fully supported until 1st of June, 2017.


Usage of Content-Type: application/json header is optional.

The Basetrip
$ / m
We will charge your card every month for the plan amount, as well as any overages incurred in the previous month.

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