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Get all the matches specified by given dates

I am trying to figure out which are the params for getting all the matches specified by a given date.

I have tried the following Key and Values request params:

date:2019-0 2-09

I keep getting all the matches instead of the matches specified by date.

Anyone did found what are the right request parameters?

Rapid account: Hifarrer
hifarrer Commented 2年前

I also can’t figure out how to filter the results by date…
I tried different combinations but it always pulls dates from previous years…

For other API this works…

Rapid account: Jonasbigodes 21
jonasbigodes21 Commented 2年前

I have searched on the “About” section and find out that instead of the parameter date is is used dates and considering it as an array the request params should be the following for a specific date:


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