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Live MLB Game Data

Rapid account: Jinji 88 124
4 years ago

I have checked this api doc, but it doesnโ€™t give any live data, but all past game data.
Could you please explain me about this?
Where can I get the live data or future ongoing data on the current season?
Thank you.

Rapid account: Jchouse 112
jchouse112 Commented a year ago

Do you provide projected starters in advance? I need 4-5 days in advance

Rapid account: Ing Carlosmora
ing.carlosmora Commented 2 years ago

I am also interested in how to get realtime live data from a game, is there and example on how to config the params and the code?

Rapid account: Mikaylarvr
mikaylarvr Commented 3 years ago

you have to update your params to get current data

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