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Bootic Product Search API Documentation

Bootic is the marketplace to find a wide range of products. Bootic's Product Search API gives you direct access to all that our product search engine has to offer: keywords, products attributes, price ranges and many more features to find the exact product from the best online storefront on the Internet.

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GETProduct Search
GETProduct Search

A request to this endpoint will search for products by keywords. A request returns a products object, which contains all products found and some associated data.

Header Parameters
Required Parameters
REQUIREDA query string with keywords separated by space or + sign. This option is required. A special value q=* can be used to return all of the products in shops.
Optional Parameters
OPTIONALLimit number of results (either products or groups) returned. The default limit is 40 for a normal search and 8 for a group search.
OPTIONALReturn results (either products or groups) starting at specified offset. Default offset is 0.
OPTIONALSetting safe=-1 enables adult content. By default only safe content will be returned.
OPTIONALreturns products in specified category. By default, all categories are considered.
OPTIONALReturn only products that cost at least that amount.
OPTIONALSetting include_long_desc=1 enables long product descriptions. By default, long descriptions are not returned.
OPTIONALFour char string to be used as random seed. This seed is used when sorting by random or adding random products (window shopping). Queries with the same random_seed will return the same results (unless more products appear in the meantime).
OPTIONALReturns products in groups instead of returning all at once. Accepted values are: shop: Group products by shop; or cat: Group products by category. Only the first "group_limit" products are returned for each group. If you want to see more products for some group, you issue another search request with group= left unset and set either shop or category argument.
OPTIONALReturn only products that cost at most that amount.
OPTIONALSearches only in shops with at least this karma value.
OPTIONALInclude a specified number of random products. Multiple random_results options are allowed. Returns the largest value of products Example. Request a search with random_results=60&random_results=50%25 (%25 is an escaped % character). The search normally would return 80 products. Since 50% of 80 is 40, which is smaller than 60, an additional 60 random products are included.
OPTIONALOnly returns products for specified shop. By default, all shops are considered.
OPTIONALSpecifies the number of products to be returned in each group. The value must not be larger than group_limit. By default 4 products are returned.
OPTIONALSort products by specified criteria. Multiple sort= arguments are allowed; the first one takes precedence. Accepted values are: match, date, views, sales, random, random_views, price, price_asc, rating, id. : If you request sort=rating&sort=price_asc, products with the highest user rating will be returned first. If there are multiple products with the same rating, price will determine the order they are returned.
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