Recipes to grocery store
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Recipes to grocery store Overview
This API provides functionality to build a recipe site and meal planning system which can be connected to an online grocery store. For demonstration of a site implementing the API please visit The API documentation is in progress, meaning more methods is being added during the next months.
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Documentation in progress

We are writing documentation to our API at the moment. Expected to be completed in week 36-2015

Base parameters

Base parameters
Must be appended to all API calls.

The method name to call on the API.

If the user is logged on, the id of the user, othervise set it default to 0.

A unique identifier for the client connecting, this is similar to sessionid, used to identify the end user over multiple API calls. Must be in the format DP-DK-TenantId-UniqueId.

A flag indicating if url for images should be returned @2 base resolution version. This is for future use only. Possible values true, false. Default is false.

Used if doing client side rendering. If appended JSON result will be wrapped in a method


If nothing else is stated all API methods uses GET.
All data returned is JSON. All properties are lowercase.

Bulk import of recipes

At the moment we only have danish recipes in the system, but we can help you bulk import thousands of recipes into the system if required. Please note the quality and structure of the recipes must be of a high quality for the system to work.

Please contact us for pricing.

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