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Rapid account: Cliffgeorge 76
vor einem Jahr

Hi! My name is George Clifford, A truck driver here in Denver .About two years ago I had a divorce and then I lost my Job afterwards. Most of our debts were in my name and I also had child support, I missed out on my payments for months because I was broke then. Right now all my debt has been paid, but the negative items still reflect on my credit score 610, 628 and 624. I applied for an auto loan for my new wife but was declined. I was introduced to Rootkits Credit Specialist by a good friend. They helped me remove the negative items and my score rose to 769, 771 and 775. I’ve been pre-approved thanks to them. You too can testify if you reach out to them on rootkitscreditspecialist@gmail.com or you can call 815 524 8116.

Rapid account: Christopherpowell 1932
christopherpowell1932 Commented vor 3 Tagen

Low credit affected me from being able to apply for a home in Austin TX, so I started to think about purchasing a house. The earliest would be a year from now, but I’m one year out of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. My mortgage credit score was: 599/571/621. Credit Negatives: BK13 Discharged 10/22 (filed 4/19), Auto loan and Credit Card IIB still reporting, only one year of open accounts for revolving credit, older trade lines for closed revolving accounts and installments loans. previous FICO 8: 590/524/579. I didn’t meet the minimum requirement for FHA and conventional mortgages, until I came across this professional hacker called DOVLY CREDIT SOLUTION with good, fast and affordable rates. I never believed this worked until he proved me wrong by removing all negative marks and hard inquiries on my credit report. He also helped me raise my credit score to my desired score which helped me to be able to purchase my home for my family. Current FICO 8: 790/799/801. Contact him now: DOVLYCREDITSOLUTION@GMAIL.COM 0R CALL on signal: +1 (713) 396 5299.

Rapid account: Kathryncrawford 088
kathryncrawford088 Commented vor 9 Tagen

Hi, I was trying to fix up my credit and unfortunately I had one negative item on my credit report, a charge-off from Bank of America from 2019 in the amount of $541. My credit score is a sad one: 543. I did pay the amount owed about a month ago, and my score only went up two points. The comments were changed to paid charge off, account closed by credit grantor. However, I was still saying CHARGE OFF in red under payment status. Last month I asked a question on this forum” Does anyone have any advice on what I should do to raise my score” and two members from this forum advised me to contact PINNACLE CREDIT SPECIALIST. Which quickly did as they said. PINNACLE CREDIT SPECIALIST came through for me, my credit report cleaned up with all negative items removed. My credit score is now 801. I now have 0 hard inquiries, 0 collections, 0 public records. I’m happy to have heard about PINNACLE CREDIT SPECIALIST here, you can contact him today via: PINNACLECREDITSPECIALIST@GMAIL.COM OR Text +1 (402) 885 9847. They’re the best as far as credit repair is concerned.

Rapid account: Richardlawson 818
richardlawson818 Commented vor 11 Tagen

I had a 740 credit score and was ecstatic. All the cards I used to dream about having, but recently my score dropped 150 points. I made a very poor decision. I took a cash advance on my DCU platinum card for 10K because they said there was no fee for doing so. I had no idea about a free 10K loan. Take the cash advance on the DCU plat then get a visa with a 0% promo. Two mistakes, not one actually. Took 10K on the DCU, balance was transferred to my new Wells Fargo 0% card. The limits on the cards were 10K, so utilization skyrocketed when one of the cards was at 100%. I thought it was total utilization for which I am at like 15%. My score went from 740 to 590. American Express $8000 ($45,000 limit) Wells Fargo $5400 ($11,000 limit) DCU $4557 ($10,000 limit). I was unsure on how to get back into the good graces of the bureaus until my friend Laura recommended PINNACLE CREDIT SPECIALIST to me. Immediately I reached out to PINNACLE CREDIT SPECIALIST and asked if he could help me fix my credit score too. He responded positively and I had to subscribe to his services. On checking my credit report after 6 days, my score has skyrocketed to Equifax: 801, TransUnion: 804, Experian: 811. I also noticed that the Wells Fargo and DCU has been paid off completely. I highly recommend him as a great credit specialist! Here is his contact info if you need his services. Email: PINNACLECREDITSPECIALIST@GMAIL.COM / Text Or Call +1 (402) 885 9847.

Rapid account: Brianbreedlove 181
brianbreedlove181 Commented vor 18 Tagen

So just update on how much PINNACLE CREDIT SPECIALIST have helped me already. When I started my rebuild in October 2023 my credit was mid 530s. PINNACLE CREDIT SPECIALIST helped me remove the 2 paid CO and SL late payment. Today I’m currently at 800. Thank you PINNACLE CREDIT SPECIALIST for helping me get to where I am! I’m currently in a much better credit and financial position and ready to start on my wife’s credit. Contact him now via: PINNACLECREDITSPECIALIST@GMAIL.COM

Rapid account: Jeffreyhester 379
jeffreyhester379 Commented vor 21 Tagen

I wanted the American dream but I have some late mortgage payments due to a divorce, a medical bill that is charge off, one late credit card payment the sum of $45k and some inquiries which affected my credit report and brought down my credit score to low 520. When I got in touch with DOVLY CREDIT SOLUTION my story changed for the better. DOVLY CREDIT SOLUTION helped me pay off my credit card debts and deleted all negative items on my credit report within 7 days. He also increased my credit score to 805 excellent score. Hit him up on email: DOVLYCREDITSOLUTION@GMAIL.COM I proudly and strongly recommend his services to everyone out there in need of credit fix. He’s above the rest and simply the best.

Rapid account: Kaytealewis 95
kaytealewis95 Commented vor 23 Tagen

If you’re looking to get your credit fixed I would recommend a reliable hacker to get in touch with DOVLY CREDIT SOLUTION. I was suffering from a low FICO score 570 and was unable to meet up to my financial standard. He helped me raise my FICO score to 808 excellent score of 808 and He also cleared all the hard inquiries and collections on my report, cleared the $85k on my credit cards and removed my BK7 from TransUnion within 7 days. He’s affordable and always delivers good service.

Rapid account: Adamjohnson 4790
adamjohnson4790 Commented vor 24 Tagen

Working with a legit hacker is very rare until I came across DOVLY CREDIT SOLUTION on YouTube forum about helping people to fix their credit report. So I gave him the job, then he brought my credit report up to speed, increased my credit score to 811 and removed all the negative items. I’m so happy to put down this review to tell you about the good news. Go for the best hacker alive. Contact him on: DOVLYCREDITSOLUTION@GMAIL.COM

Rapid account: Christineweiner 23
christineweiner23 Commented vor einem Monat

I’m here to thank PINNACLE CREDIT SPECIALIST for taking the path of helping me recover my credit. I had a chapter bankruptcy and have been discharged for almost a year and a half and I’ve been trying to restore my credit. I had a total of 7 CC none secured after my bankruptcy and I’m trying to get back with the Apple credit card but every time I apply it says I have an account with them and I spoke a supervisor and supposedly my account still has a balance and won’t be closed that’s until it’s settled but I can’t pay the balance either. Few weeks ago I used the PINNACLE CREDIT SPECIALIST hacking techniques to get them to remove the CO and bankruptcy off my report. Saw a huge bomb in my credit score. I’m now sharing the good I got from PINNACLE CREDIT SPECIALIST. I hope it will help someone in the future. Also don’t fail to let them know I referred you when you fit them up for help: PINNACLECREDITSPECIALIST@GMAIL.COM

Rapid account: Davidzerbato 88
davidzerbato88 Commented vor einem Monat

Have you guys ever checked out PINNACLE CREDIT SPECIALIST? I never knew that my credit is very bad due to hardship I have been facing and desperation. Luckily for me a friend introduced me to PINNACLE CREDIT SPECIALIST. He helped me raise my score 297 points and removed all my eviction on my credit report thereby giving me a state. I was able to apply for a credit card once again and I was able to get a loan for my business. His service is affordable, He’s the real deal. All thanks to PINNACLE CREDIT SPECIALIST. His email: PINNACLECREDITSPECIALIST@GMAIL.COM

Rapid account: Patriciacistaro 423
patriciacistaro423 Commented vor einem Monat

Months ago I planted a seed here. My credit report was lit in red like a Christmas tree of nothing but bad checks. My goal at first was a 680 score, to qualify for a mortgage. That turned into 700…then 710…eventually I entered the 800 club. That 800 club then got me into the 800 teen club. Today I was notified that my Equifax passed the 800 teen club. 821! What was hard to qualify for a $500 credit card now makes it easy to get a $5000 credit card. What was hard to get a $1 credit line increase, makes it easy to get $1000. What was hard to get a lower credit card interest (that actually resulted in getting higher interest) now is easy to make and generally results in a lower rate. How I got to this point was from the help of PINNACLE CREDIT SPECIALIST and the help I received from this board. It takes time, effort and determination. The pay in the end is great. I don’t regret working with PINNACLE CREDIT SPECIALIST. When I started I wanted everything fixed overnight but he said no he has to go one bit at a time to avoid a trace. He started with what they know is easy and worked my credit up. That’s how I got here. His an angel in human form don’t fail to hit him up on email: PINNACLECREDITSPECIALIST@GMAIL.COM

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