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Regarding Email integration

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I want to integrate Email functionality in my application, just want to check how much it is useful, in below scenario:

-> User Registration
-> For confirmation mail, reminder mail to individuals


MASNathan commented 2 anni fa


In this scenario, this API can be useful in the user registration step. How?

  • It will validate if the email is correctly formatted (this can complement any validation that you’ll perform on your side).
  • It will help identify mistypes in the email (e.g.: because it checks for MX records, and if there are no records, the address is probably not correct

Since you have a confirmation step (and you should), there is no need to ask the SMTP server if the account exists (this funcionallity is available only for MEGA subscription) but to avoid one-of registration accounts using temporary/disposable email accounts this API can help you, because that’s one of the validations that we do

Here is an example response:

    "email": "",
    "valid": true, // Email correctly formatted
    "disposable": true, // Belongs to a disposable email service
    "mx_records": true, // Has MX records, migth have emails associated with it
    "exists": null // SMTP check, available for MEGA subscription using the async reports

Hope that can help you decide,

Best Regards

apnathikaana commented 2 anni fa

Thanks Nathan,

But if I want to send my custom mail to the user, is it useful, and how can I implement it?

apnathikaana commented 2 anni fa

Also, it is used for only Email Validation or I can send the mail as well if you have some steps/doc ?

MASNathan commented 2 anni fa


This API is useful only for email validation. Sending emails is out of the scope of this API.

PS: Sorry for the late reply, it seems that I don’t get a reply notification

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