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GameById not returning odds data

Rapid account: Doublei
8 months ago

The gameById endpoint is not returning the odds data. Here is an example of a game I just pulled.

array (
‘status’ => 200,
‘time’ => ‘2022-09-30T19:46:06.686Z’,
‘games’ => 1,
‘results’ =>
array (
0 =>
array (
‘schedule’ =>
array (
‘date’ => ‘2022-10-01T17:05:00.000Z’,
‘tbaTime’ => false,
‘summary’ => ‘Baltimore Orioles @ New York Yankees’,
‘details’ =>
array (
‘league’ => ‘MLB’,
‘seasonType’ => ‘regular’,
‘season’ => 2022,
‘conferenceGame’ => true,
‘divisionGame’ => true,
‘status’ => ‘scheduled’,
‘teams’ =>
array (
‘away’ =>
array (
‘team’ => ‘Baltimore Orioles’,
‘location’ => ‘Baltimore’,
‘mascot’ => ‘Orioles’,
‘abbreviation’ => ‘BAL’,
‘conference’ => ‘American League’,
‘division’ => ‘East’,
‘home’ =>
array (
‘team’ => ‘New York Yankees’,
‘location’ => ‘New York’,
‘mascot’ => ‘Yankees’,
‘abbreviation’ => ‘NYY’,
‘conference’ => ‘American League’,
‘division’ => ‘East’,
‘lastUpdated’ => ‘2022-09-30T18:12:32.507Z’,
‘gameId’ => 281937,
‘venue’ =>
array (
‘name’ => ‘Yankee Stadium’,
‘city’ => ‘Bronx’,
‘state’ => ‘NY’,
‘neutralSite’ => false,

Rapid account: Doublei
doublei Commented 8 months ago

Interesting. I am seeing some for MLB, All of the NFL, But no odds for NHL or NBA games for the next two days. Any way to get partial odds for games? For example if you’ve received the spread odds but not the other could the spread odds be available in the API?

Rapid account: Sportspage Feeds
SportspageFeeds Commented 8 months ago


Oddsmakers are pretty tight with the timing for MLB games, meaning that odds usually won’t be available far in advance. I can see in the database that there are some odds for this game, but since the odds shown in the API are a composite, they will not be available until there are odds from a minimum number of books.

In other words, you would not be able to see the odds through the main /games endpoint either, but you should be able to see them soon, hopefully within a few hours.

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