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Enthusiast-driven aviation data and flight data API for smaller travel or aviation applications, researchers, and individual developers. Flight status, flight delays, schedules, FIDS, airports, airport schedules, airport delay index, airport statistics, airport local time, runways, distance and flight-time between airports, aircrafts, aircraft images, aircraft image recognition by registration, PUSH API.


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Flight API

  • FIDS / Schedules: departures and arrivals per airport
  • Flight status and information found by flight number, ATC call-sign, aircraft registration or 24-bit ICAO Mode-S address (nearest or on a specific date)
  • Flight departure dates found by flight number, ATC call-sign, aircraft registration or 24-bit ICAO Mode-S address
  • Flight delay statistics by flight number

Subscription / PUSH API

Web-hook PUSH API. Get your web-endpoint called when a flight is updated. Subscribe by flight number or airport.

Airport API

  • Airport found by IATA/ICAO code
  • Airport runways
  • Nearest airports found by location
  • Airports free-text search (auto-complete)
  • Local time at an airport
  • Current airport delay statistics and airport delay index
  • Airport daily routes statistics
  • Calculate distance & flight time between airports

Aircraft API

  • Aircraft information found by registration or 24-bit ICAO Mode-S address
  • Aircraft image found by registration
  • Aircraft information found by photo

Healthcheck & Status API

  • endpoints to check which level of data coverage is supported and/or active at the moment for an airport.

Is It Suitable for My Product?

We’re running this project on an enthusiast basis and therefore we keep server expenses as low as possible: this may affect the performance and stability of the service.

If you’re having a smaller aviation-related application or web-site which has lesser load and has lesser data precision sensitivity and quality demands, our API may be just right for you, because it:

  • is offered at significantly lower (symbolic) rates than market-leading APIs (see pricing);
  • has some unique features which are not offered anywhere else or offered at higher rates (check our aircraft image recognition by registration, airport and flight delays, airport destination statistics, etc.);
  • is flexible in support, discussing your suggestions, ideas, and special demands;
  • means supporting smaller enthusiastic projects rather than bigger corporate products;
  • is not complicated in use.

However, if you’re building a big customer-critical product, expecting high load and and having critical demands to global coverage, data quality and service stability, we honestly suggest you to use other APIs. We cannot guarantee data completeness and uninterrupted service on the market-leading level: please keep this in mind. However, you’re always welcome to use our special features or even come up with any suggestions.

While we’re not a big corporation, we are still very flexible on support and discussing incoming offers, ideas, or special demands you might have within reasonable limits.

What is the Data Quality and What is the Flight Data Coverage?

Though our coverage of aircraft and airlines data is rather decent, flight data coverage is somewhat limited. Please read more about data coverage.

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