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  1. Users can access the ‘mainnet’ or ‘testnet’ when building applications.
  2. So far the API supports BTC and ETH but more coins are coming soon.
  3. You are able to GET the exchange rate for each coin on the Crypto Wallet API.
  4. Your users will use a ‘mnemonic’ phrase to create their wallet. We recommend this phrase be 24 words longs including spaces. Something nobody else will type in. Anybody who knows this phrase will have access to the PRIVATE KEYS FOR ALL THE WALLETS TIED TO THAT ‘mnemonic’ phrase. Each phrase generates 2,147,483,648 wallets and respective public/private keys. The private keys are only accessible via the API when the correct phrase is input.

Alternatively you can set this variable as a hash the user generates but do not store it anywhere in your database for security reasons in production. We are using bip44.

  1. Wallet public address transaction history is available via the API.
  2. Wallet balance is available.
  3. A fee estimation is available but not needed for ETH.
    ETH fees are automatically calculated however can be set optionally.
  4. Transactions to the blockchain are created, signed, and broadcast to the network in a single request.
  5. A transaction ID endpoint is available.
  6. Finally there is an endpoint to check if a crypto address has been connected to spam, hackers, or the deep web.
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