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logo image not found error

I uploaded around 5 image for our use case 4 months back.Eg 613d08787d51749deb3930709426bc36ce6b0568.svg

Suddenly from friday its giving following error:
{“errorCode”:5,“errorMessage”:“Image is not existing”}

I an see this is happening for others as well. Could you please let us know the reason behind it? It is affecting our production environment. For now uploading a new one fixed it but will the same problem arise again?


Rapid account: Vipinviping 498 R Br 6 NX 1 Mz M
vipinviping498-RBr6NX1MzM Commented 10 months ago

But is it applicable for all images? Few images which were uploaded months back works still. why is it like this?

Rapid account: Support ZL Vq Hep E 9 M N
support-ZLVqHepE9mN Commented 10 months ago

So does this mean we have to upload our logo every 24 hours now?

Rapid account: Qrcode Monkey
qrcode-monkey Commented 10 months ago

If you get errorCode 5 your uploaded image got deleted from the cache. Try to upload it again or use a image URL to avoid those issues. Please note that the upload cache is limited to 24 hours now. We kept the images for way longer than we planned to.

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