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Global real-time soil API. Integrate soil API for global real-time soil information. Test an API call. Get accurate & actionable data insights.

Ambee’s Soil API is revolutionizing soil conditions forecasting by providing global real-time soil data. The data models are built to prioritize data validation and provide accurate data with actionable insights. Proprietary data insights are easy to integrate into the application for soil-sensitive industries.

Ambee aggregates soil data by combining on-ground sensors, satellite imagery, and statistical inference to ensure the accuracy and availability of the highest order. The data models are based on meteorological weather conditions such as temperature, rain, humidity, and more.

Ambee’s proprietary AI-powered algorithms perform data analysis to validate and provide accurate real-time soil data. Soil data helps people with recommendations to better plan farming activities.

Soil API provides access to global real-time soil and weather information. In addition, soil data provides actionable insights and recommendations that can be easily integrated into any product, system, or application to enhance user experience, product sales, and performance.

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