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Getting 429 "Too many requests"

Rapid account: Markbrule
6년 전

We are making 4 calls per minute on two different agencies (255 and 351) for the vehicle positions on the transloc API, and getting an overrun return. we aren’t anywhere near the rate limit, and we see this intermittently. We went for 10 minutes getting on every call, and then it stopped for an hour or so.

HTTP/1.1 429
Connection: keep-alive
Content-Length: 38
Content-Type: application/json
Date: Mon, 15 May 2017 23:52:27 GMT
Server: Mashape/5.0.6
X-Mashape-Proxy-Response: true

“Too many requests. Please try again.”

Rapid account: Transloc
transloc Commented 6년 전


A few days ago, Mashape’s API marketplace was suffering from an intermittent outage. The issues were across their entire platform, and not specific to TransLoc’s API. We look at to stay informed of Mashape’s status. Thanks for your patience.


Rapid account: Nyutransloc
nyutransloc Commented 6년 전

I am having the same issue.

Rapid account: Markbrule
markbrule Commented 6년 전

Can I escalate this somehow? We are not getting any responses now, and it’s been down for several hours now. We have an event that is happening and this real time data is important to the consumer.

Rapid account: Markbrule
markbrule Commented 6년 전

I am having more problems today - same type of issue. Is your interface down again?

Rapid account: Transloc
transloc Commented 6년 전


Thanks for writing in to us. It looks like Mashape’s API marketplace (the service we use to provide access to TransLoc’s APIs to the public) was suffering from some issues yesterday around when you encountered an error. Generally speaking, Mashape operates at > 99.9% uptime, but that wasn’t the case yesterday. Mashape’s analytics report about 1% of requests were refused, and about double the average response time.

Everything should be working correctly as of about 22:00 GMT. If you’re still having trouble accessing the Open API, please let us know.

Spenser @ TransLoc

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