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No data - Harvard shuttle - just one route (no data sometimes/large periods, and then it comes back - see example)

hace 4 años


I noticed for the new shuttle route for Harvard (the 784 memorial drive route), there’s no data coming sometimes (anything from blips, to like this morning - complete outage)

Here’s the API:

curl -s '' -H 'X-Mashape-Key:*redacted*' -H 'Accept: application/json'

Returned: (note: data is []):

{"rate_limit": 1, "expires_in": 5, "api_latest_version": "1.2", "generated_on": "2018-05-18T15:09:57+00:00", "data": [], "api_version": "1.2"}

Here’s the actual tracker:

You can see that there is data there for:
(it’s one shuttle)

Agency: 52
Route: 4010876
Stops: 4215616, and 4215074

I have verified that it’s a free route, not over rate limit (checking once per minute), and have verified from other IPs/etc.

Then randomly, it starts working again:

curl -s '' -H 'X-Mashape-Key:*redacted*' -H 'Accept: application/json'
{"rate_limit": 1, "expires_in": 5, "api_latest_version": "1.2", "generated_on": "2018-05-18T15:18:25+00:00", "data": [{"arrivals": [{"route_id": "4010876", "vehicle_id": "4016853", "arrival_at": "2018-05-18T11:38:40-04:00", "type": "vehicle-based"}, {"route_id": "4010876", "vehicle_id": "4016853", "arrival_at": "2018-05-18T12:12:55-04:00", "type": "vehicle-based"}], "agency_id": "52", "stop_id": "4215616"}], "api_version": "1.2"}

I’ve noticed this multiple times. In the example above:
1.) no data on: 2018-05-18T15:09:57+00:00
2.) working on: 2018-05-18T15:18:25+00:00

Thanks for looking into this.

jenn14108 commented hace 4 años

I am also getting the same slow , unreliable response for the Harvard HUIT-784 Shuttle. Also, when querying to find the different routes for Harvard, it says that only one route is active although that is clearly false looking at the transloc map (

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