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Nutrifai empowers enterprises & 3rd party developers by providing a quite effortless, accurate, fast, and flexible service to extract a full range of foods and ingredients from any image. You can easily integrate our API to add visual detection ability to your pipelines and platforms. You will be able to build and scale your customer base by our AI-powered food detection engine. Nutrifai developed a cutting-edge deep-learning technology trained on millions of images from different foods and ingredients to attain accuracy and performance. Also, our mobile-ready models are optimized to work offline on most smartphones and embedded devices. Nutrifai also supports integration and on-premise deployment with our flexible platform. Contact us for more information regarding your special needs and custom software setups.


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"Söyleyecek çok şeyi olmadığını söylediğinde zihninize güvenin" (Michael Bassey Johnson, Bir Doğa Aşığının Şarkısı)