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This API is designed primarily for online store owners who want to perform a deep checking of their credit/debit card transactions, it gives a clear vision on how risky the transactions are.
However, any one can use this API on any platform as he wants and according to his plan limits

How this API works?
The user will send the credit/debit card (Bank Identification Number) or IIN (Issuer Identification Number) to get the full details as possible. Also, if the IP address is given with the request, it will returns the IP address details and checks the BIN information against the IP information and gives a risk score for the transaction.
It’s very useful for online merchants to help them take best decision.

How to use this API?
If the user sends the BIN number only, it will return the full details of the BIN.
If the user sends the BIN and the IP address of his client, it will return the full details of the BIN and the details if the IP address as well with a risk score.

Can I use it for free or test it?
There are different plans suits everyone including a free plan for small amount of requests per day, but it’s rate is limit to prevent abuse of the service.

Can I use it as “Pay per Request”?
Sure, you can use it and pay only when you use it. The credit can’t be expired.

How can I integrate it with my project?
RapidAPI provides a wide range of integration methods for almost all programming languages. You can use these codes to integrate with your project as you need.

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