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giladarad3 years ago
GPX download - Mobile AppHi, Thank you for sharing the API with us. I am developing a GPS base mobile app and right now we offer our users access to the GPSies trails within the app. I would like to offer access to the singletracks too. The question: once the user chooses a trail from the map (pins) or a list, I would need to be able to download the GPX of this particular trail. Please advise if / how / where the API provides the GPX URL/download link. TIA Gil-ad
trailapi3 years ago
No. The GPX data is access-restricted to individuals who are paid subscribers. As a suggestion, you might want to look into GPX data sources like Strava or Garmin Connect.
giladarad3 years ago
Hemmm... Is this something you have on your road map? Can the GPX of a trail be downloaded programmatically in some other way? For example, parsing the trail page and figure out the GPX URL?
trailapi3 years ago
Hi, thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately GPX data download is not part of the API.
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