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Twilio Lookup API Documentation

Reduce undeliverable messages, identify local-friendly number formats, and resolve caller names with Twilio Lookup. Find phone types, carriers, and more; Lookup allows you to programmatically get information about phone numbers so you can be as effective as possible.

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GETLookup a Phone Number Include Caller Name
GETLookup a Phone Number Include Carrier
GETLookup a Phone Number
GETLookup a Phone Number Include Caller Name

Returns phone number information matching the specified request. Formatting information is standard. Carrier, Caller Name, and phone number type information can be requested, in addition to using Add-ons to access 3rd party data sources.

Header Parameters
Required Parameters
REQUIREDThe phone number to lookup in E.164 format, which consists of a + followed by the country code and subscriber number.
Optional Parameters
OPTIONALThe unique_name of an Add-on you would like to invoke. Can be the unique_name of an Add-on that is installed on your account. You can specify multiple instances of this parameter to invoke multiple Add-ons. For more information about Add-ons, see the Add-ons documentation.
OPTIONALThe ISO country code of the phone number to fetch. This is used to specify the country when the phone number is provided in a national format.
OPTIONALData specific to the add-on you would like to invoke. The content and format of this value depends on the add-on.
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