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Twilio SMS API Documentation

Twilio's Programmable SMS API helps you add robust messaging capabilities to your applications. Please read pricing details carefully.

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GETFetch an Account Resource
Message Resource
POSTUpdate a Message Resource
GETFetch Multiple Message Resources
GETFetch a Message Resource
DELETEDelete a Message Resource
POSTSend SMS (Create a Message Resource)
Media Resource
GETRead Multiple Media Resources
GETFetch a Media Resource
DELETEDelete a Media Resouce
GETMessaging Pricing by Country
Service Resource
POSTUpdate a Service Resource
GETRead Multiple Service Resources
DELETEDelete a Service Resource
GETFetch a Service Resource
POSTCreate a Service Resource
Phone Numbers
GETAvailable Mobile Phone Numbers
GETFetch a Phone Number
GETAvailable Local Phone Numbers
POSTUpdate a Phone Number
DELETEDelete a Phone Number
GETFetch Multiple Phone Numbers
POSTBuy a Phone Number
GETFetch Multiple Message Resources

Returns a list of messages associated with your account. The list includes paging information.

Header Parameters
Required Parameters
REQUIREDThe SID of the Account that created the Message resources to update. Obtained from the Get AccountSid Endpoint.
Optional Parameters
OPTIONALRead messages sent from only this phone number or alphanumeric sender ID.
OPTIONALThe date of the messages to show. Specify a date as YYYY-MM-DD in GMT to read only messages sent on this date. For example: 2009-07-06. You can also specify an inequality, such as DateSent<=YYYY-MM-DD, to read messages sent on or before midnight on a date, and DateSent>=YYYY-MM-DD to read messages sent on or after midnight on a date.
OPTIONALRead messages sent to only this phone number.
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