Topic Tagging
By twinword
Updated 3 months ago
Topic Tagging Overview
Automatically generate topics and keywords for articles and blogs.
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Topic Tagging

What are the topics and keywords?

Automatically generate topics and keywords for articles and blogs.

Topic Tagging - Free Tool & API Demo

The Possibilities

Topic generation and tagging may be a common task for us, but it is a huge challenge for computers, mainly because computers do not understand languages. How many applications will benefit if computers start to understand text like humans?

With this tool, news feeders can easily classify their contents and advertisers can also place ads on the web in a more relevant way, matching the content of web pages to the advertiser's industry. Twinword Topic Tagging API does more than just extract keywords from the given text. Based on contextual language understanding, the Topic Tagging API is able to generate human-like topics even without the presence of that particular word in the context.

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