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Undected VPN ranges

I sent an email to Munzy, but since I’m not sure if he’s still looking at that email address on Github, here’s a duplicate:


I did a bit of searching on what VPN server detection is like and it seems that many IP addresses = IP ranges are undetected.
A couple of examples:

a) - belong to (Whois) and are used by IPVanish,
for example: with Hostname:
or with Hostname:

This also applies to the range - which belongs to (Whois) and is used by IPVanish.
Many more undetected IP ranges for IPvanish can be found at:

Surfshark VPN ranged are not very well detected: Ltd.

  1. Nordvpn ranges seems to be well detected:

Anyway… To keep it short and clearly.

Here is list of VPN daily updated and it should be great if you can update Blackbox list:
{The list of IP ranges from X4BNet is long, I haven’t verified it, but no one has complained about it so far (they even reported with IP ranges from ExpressVPN that are not in the list), there is no reason to doubt its relevance.}

Rapid account: C Munroe
CMunroe Commented a year ago

Still working on the IPVanish side of things.

We tested a solution, but it resulted in 4000% increase in errors, and time for responses up by 2000 ms on average.

I don’t like simply throwing IP space into lists, as IPs tend to be churned through on a regular basis.

Rapid account: Sharoncreech S Jq 8 Valav SR
sharoncreech-SJq8valavSR Commented a year ago

4 weeks later and…A quick test shows that the IP ranges from IPVanish - and - are still not identified as a proxy VPN. Can you please update the list?
Thank you

Rapid account: C Munroe
CMunroe Commented a year ago

Added this to our internal tracker.

Some elements have already been done, while others we are vetting and verifying.

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