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Client Response Error

Rapid account: Rosebro 941
לפני 6 חודשים

"API Call: I initiated a request to the WHOIS lookup API, providing “domain name” as the Second Level Domain (SLD) to retrieve its details.

Encountering an Error: Instead of receiving the expected data, the system encountered a ClientResponseError.

This indicates a problem in the API response, which could be due to various reasons such as server issues, connectivity problems, or limitations in accessing the WHOIS data for this particular domain."

im trying to have my app interact with the API but it responds with the above, can someone tell me why?

Rapid account: MAS Nathan
MASNathan Commented לפני 6 חודשים

That might be the issue, probably something is missing. Can you post the code here so I can check please?

Rapid account: Rosebro 941
rosebro941 Commented לפני 6 חודשים

im not actually sure what that means, ive used GPT to do it all but ive checked the schema, end points and theyre all fine, still not working

Rapid account: MAS Nathan
MASNathan Commented לפני 6 חודשים

Hi, can you give me the payload that you used and the response you got please? Does that happen on all requests or was it a one time thing?

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