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Get same results

Rapid account: Naglaaelashry
il y a 6 mois

How to use botometer v4 because it keeps getting the same results?

Rapid account: O So Me
OSoMe Commented il y a 6 mois

The example on RapidAPI is for demonstration purpose. For guidance on how to work with the API, please check out the documentation at Note that the endpoints require Twitter V1.1 data, which is no longer access from Twitter. --Botometer Team

Rapid account: Naglaaelashry
naglaaelashry Commented il y a 6 mois

When I change the id and user_id in the example (replacing 11330 with 341169083 or any id ) I got the same results.
Do you have any demo to understand how to use the API?

Rapid account: O So Me
OSoMe Commented il y a 6 mois

Please provide more details of your queries so that we can diagnose the issue. – Botometer Team

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