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keep getting error 502 and 401

4 mesi fa

I keep getting two error

Sometime the code works and sometime these error. why is this so inconsistent can you please check and fix it.
I have around 60K users which I am trying to run in 200 batches in 30 min but due to these failure i feel getting for 60K will take forever.

OSoMe commented 4 mesi fa

We think we figured out the cause of the 401 errors. RapidAPI started to send requests from a new IP not included in the whitelist. And we have been denying the requests from it, leading to the 401 errors. We have updated the whitelist and confirming with RapidAPI about this change. But we will need time to see if this fixes it.

We are not completely sure about the 502 errors, but they might come from the secondary issue caused by the one mentioned above. Similarly, we will monitor the situation.

Sorry for your inconvenience.

OSoMe commented 4 mesi fa

We are working on it. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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