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This endpoint is disabled for your subscription


This message -

“message”:“This endpoint is disabled for your subscription”

continuously pops up whenever I test the endpoints and try to use the api key.

I am currently subscribed to the pro plan and have not encountered this issue before until recently.

Any suggestions on how to move forward would be greatly appreciated

mmilesdavies commented 1ヶ月前

i was using test end point, and I went to the github link as well and it said that one of the accounts may have been deleted or privated, so I changed the account list that i was using, but I am still getting the 401 error message

Sorry for the late reply by the way

OSoMe commented 2ヶ月前

Hi mmilesdavies, are you testing the endpoint on RapidAPI by clicking “Test Endpoint”? Or you are using our botometer-python package? If it’s the latter case, you might want to check out our troubleshooting page at .

And thanks hosseinazarpanah for helping!

hosseinazarpanah commented 2ヶ月前

I think the the 401 error is from twitter saying for some reasons you are not authorized to see the account you searched for. Maytbe it is protected, the account is deleted, or never existed. Make sure the twitter screen_name or id you looking for exist and you can see its timeline then try through rapid API.

mmilesdavies commented 2ヶ月前

I have switched the endpoints to “Check account v4”, and now i get an error saying unauthorized url (401 Client Error)

hosseinazarpanah commented 2ヶ月前

Please make sure you are NOT using “check accounts in bulk” on the left of your endpoint page. Instead, use “check account v4”

OSoMe commented 2ヶ月前

Which endpoint was you trying to query?

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