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New posts not updating after first API call

Rapid account: Funkyavocado
2 months ago

This just started happening in both my code and the API playground. I make a call to /hashtags. I get the results, but the results are not updated with subsequent calls. The edges remain the same and the post count remains the same.

Rapid account: Prasadbro
Prasadbro Commented 2 months ago

Hi there, if we make some major changes we will send announcement regarding this.

Rapid account: Funkyavocado
funkyavocado Commented 2 months ago

Thank you! This just started happening, so I assume it was a recent change. Where can I subscribe to find out about changes like these?

Rapid account: Prasadbro
Prasadbro Commented 2 months ago

Hi funkyavocado, hashtag post is cached for 1 hour if no endcursor is passed to get latest data you can pass empty endcursor (endcursor="") , similarly to get next results you can pass endcursor value.

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