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NFL Pro Bowl Season Type

Rapid account: AM Pearlman
il y a 9 mois

Hi - Is it possible to give the NFL Pro Bowl a seasonType of something other than “postseason,” such as “exhibition?” This would prevent having to filter out the Pro Bowl from other playoff games. Or, could you add a “playoffGame” boolean to all postseason games which would be true for everything but the Pro Bowl? Thanks!

Rapid account: AM Pearlman
AMPearlman Commented il y a 9 mois

I get not wanting to change the output. I can search for a string, but a flag would be cleaner. You could reuse it for any other leagues with All-Pro / All-Star games… just a thought.

Also, I notice the pro-bowl game isn’t returning any venue data. Thanks.

Rapid account: Sportspage Feeds
SportspageFeeds Commented il y a 9 mois

I’d prefer to keep it as is to minimize changes to the query output, but here are a few options for how you could check for these games:

  • Check if “AFC” or “NFC” exists in the summary
  • For pro leagues (other than NHL), check whether the teams have divisions.
  • Check whether both teams are in the list of teams returned by /teams endpoint.

Also, I’m going to probably change the name of the teams (after the season) to remove “All-Pros” since it’s technically different than the Pro Bowl. Apologies for not seeing that sooner, but just thought it’s worth pointing out to make sure you’re not checking for “Pro” in the team name.

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