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error: timeout

2 years ago


We are using your bulk whois method to retrieve info for about 500k of .sk domains. We are forced to make at least 1 minute breaks between two consecutive requests otherwise we are getting a lot of “error: timeout” results (even with 1 minute breaks we usually get one or two errors among 15 results in one request).

Is there a way to increase the throughput of these results? With this rate we aren’t even close to being able to consume our daily limit of requests.

Best regards
Jirka Bauer

backend_box commented 2 years ago

Apologies. We are having some scalability issues. The new version is to be fully batched. The idea is that you “enqueue” N say 500 domains and have them being processed. You come back with a batch id and once ready you fetch the whole batched result set. This way there is no timeout issue. Of course it takes a while to process it and you have to “poll” to see if that is complete yet. Would that mode of API be useful for you?

jiri.bauer commented 2 years ago

We are on the Ultra plan. Which means we should be able to query 3000 x 15 = 45000 domains per day. However we are forced to make no more than 1 request per minute (because of all the timeouts) and usually we got about two timeouts per request. That means we are able to get results for about 60 x 24 x 13 = 18720 domains per day.

To your last question - we need the whole whois data.

Jirka Bauer

backend_box commented 2 years ago


What plan are you on? What number of domains do you need to query a day? Do you need it for availability or WHOIS data?


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