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Subscribing doesn't work

Rapid account: Nicodc
il y a 6 ans

It crashes with error message (in the console):
message: "Variable "$input" got invalid value { apiId: "5bf308b7e4b08725af2b030a" }; Field value.billingPlanVersionId of required type String! was not provided."

Rapid account: Chomp
chomp Commented il y a 6 ans

The issue involving purchasing a subscription has been resolved. Please try again and let us know if you have any other questions!

Rapid account: Chomp
chomp Commented il y a 6 ans

Thanks for the heads up! Can you please provide a few more details? It would be helpful to know if you’re trying to purchase a subscription through Mashape, RapidAPI, or directly from our website at

Once we have this information we can assess the breakdown and implement a fix right away.

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