Free Public APIs for Developers

If you're new to RapidAPI, this collection is a great place to start exploring APIs that are free to test, specifically updated for 2021.

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Best Public APIs for Testing (2022)

Browse RapidAPI’s list of the Top Free APIs. These APIs are open to the public and are free to use (or have a freemium model). This is the perfect place for developers to browse APIs for testing. You’ll find tons of great APIs to provide the data necessary to integrate into your website, software app, or mobile apps. All APIs return a response in JSON (and sometimes in XML). You’ll be able to access each web API in the programming language and SDK of your choice:

  • node.js
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Objective-C
  • Java (Android)
  • C# (.NET)
  • and cURL

RapidAPI is your number one platform and source to find the perfect REST API (or APIs) that you need.

Try using one of the APIs in this collection for your next API project idea.

Types of APIs

You’ll find tons of great APIs to help enrich your application including URL shorteners, social media, ip geolocation, batch geocoding, maps, natural language processing, weather data, and tons more.

Learn more about types of APIs.

What are Free APIs?

Free APIs (often referred to as public or open APIs) are APIs that developers can use at no cost to them (like many of the APIs listed in this collection). Unlike freemium APIs, free APIs on RapidAPI no credit card input.

What are Freemium APIs?

Freemium APIs are RESTful APIs that allow a certain number of requests before being charged. For example, the Spoonacular API has a freemium pricing plan that allows developers to use their API for 50 requests/day before being charged for overages. Credit cards are required for freemium APIs in case developers incur overages.

What makes a great API?

According to a top quora answer, a good API would include:

  • documentation
  • simplicity
  • consistency
  • completeness
  • and flexibility


Documentation is important, if not essential.


Simplicity allows to quickly start to use an API and to be productive with it without having to constantly dive in the docs on each step.


Consistency is important because it eases learning. If similar functions have similar parameters in same order, you memorize a schema, not lot of different functions.


Completeness is the capability to answer all user needs without using workarounds, complex code, or having to open issues to ask for missing features.


Flexibility is also trying to answer a maximum of user needs.
The Java API for I/O provides such flexibility, allowing to read and write binary and textual content (with various encodings), buffered or not, with custom classes, etc.

Make sure to check out the Last Call RapidAPI blog to learn how to use these APIs.

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What is the Best API?

Some of the most popular APIs on RapidAPI include:

  1. Skyscanner
  2. Spoonacular
  3. API-Football
  4. OpenWeatherMap
  5. Hearthstone
  6. musiXmatch
  7. Yahoo finance
  9. Rest Countries v1
  10. NasaAPI

See the list of Top 50 APIs.

What is RapidAPI?

RapidAPI is an API Marketplace for developers to find, connect, and manage their API connections. Find the APIs that you need for your project, embed the API into your app, and track usage of all your APIs through a single dashboard. If you have an API you’ve created, use RapidAPI to make it available to hundreds of thousands of developers already utilizing APIs through RapidAPI.

What is a public API?

An open API (often referred to as a public API) is a publicly available application programming interface that provides developers with programmatic access to a proprietary software application or web service. APIs are sets of requirements that govern how one application can communicate and interact with another.
Source: Wikipedia

How many types of API are there?

There are four main types of APIs:

  • Open APIs: Also known as Public API, there are no restrictions to access these types of APIs because they are publicly available.
  • Partner APIs: One needs specific rights or licenses in order to access this type of API because they are not available to the public.
  • Internal APIs: Also known as Private APIs, only internal systems expose this type of API, which is, therefore, less known and often meant for use inside the company.  The company uses this type of API among the different internal teams to be able to improve its products and services.
  • Composite APIs: This type of API combines different data and service APIs. It is a sequence of tasks that run synchronously as a result of the execution and not at the request of a task. Its main uses are to speed up the process of execution and improve the performance of the listeners in the web interfaces.
Source: RapidAPI

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The Zomato API Basic Plan is free up to 1,000 requests/day.

Is there an API for Cricket?

There is an API called Cricket Live Scores that provides real-time data for Cricket games and matches. Learn more how to use the API.