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Whether you’re a developer writing an application that requires the registration of new valid users or a business with a large mailing list, DeBounce can handle the heavy lifting of verifying the validity of your emails, so that you can make a decision on whether or not to dispatch messages to a given address. We currently provide a real-time lookup API which allows you to make an instant informed decision on user validity.

📎 Lookup Example

To perform a single lookup on our real-time email verification endpoint, perform a GET request on the following URL:
API_KEY: Mandatory - Your application API key at DeBounce.
EMAIL_ADDRESS: Mandatory - The email address you want to verify.
APPEND: Optional - Set append value true (&append=true) if you want DeBounce to detect email owner name and photo. Please note each successful enrichment request costs you 1 extra credit. So, if you set this true, you will pay 2 credits for each successful call. You will not pay for unsuccessful data enrichment requests.

Each response, includes email validation response. Moreover, your DeBounce remaining balance is included to let you know how many calls you can perform before your credits end.

📎 Sample Response

Here is sample response of API call with detailed explanation of each parameter.

In case data append is NOT activated
{“debounce”:{“email”:“”,“code”:“5”,“role”:“false”,“free_email”:“true”,“result”:“Safe to Send”,“reason”:“Deliverable”,“send_transactional”:“1”},“success”:“1”,“balance”:“1725935”}

In case data append is activated
{“debounce”:{“email”:“”,“fullname”:“Mohsen Javdani”,“firstname”:“Mohsen”,“lastname”:“Javdani”,“photo”:“",“code”:“5”,“role”:“false”,“free_email”:“true”,“result”:"Safe to Send”,“reason”:“Deliverable”,“send_transactional”:“1”},“success”:“1”,“balance”:“1725941”}

email [email] - The email address you are requesting to validate.
code [Integer] - DeBounce validation response code. In order to understand DeBounce results and codes, click here.
role [true, false] - Is the email roles based or not. Role emails such as “sales@”, “webmaster@” etc. are not suitable to send marketing emails.
free_email [true, false] - Is the email from a free email provider - like Gmail - or not.
result [Invalid, Risky, Safe to Send, Unknown] - The final result of validation process. This response will help you where you should send marketing emails to recipient or not.
reason The reason why the result is given (view full reasons).
send_transactional [0, 1] Is it suggested you send transactional emails to the recipient or not (0: no, 1: yes). Generally, it is suggested to send transactional emails to Valid, Accept-all and Unknown emails.
success [0, 1] Is your call successful or not (0: no, 1: yes). If your credits are zero or you have provided invalid API key, you will receive 0 response.
balance [Integer] Remaining balance of your account after current API call.

Extra output if you set append parameter true:
fullname [string] - The email address owner full name.
firstname [string] - The email address owner first name.
lastname [string] - The email address owner last name.
photo [string] - The email address owner profile image URL.

Do you need only profile photo in output, not the names?
If you need only profile photo along with validation results, just add &photo=true at the end of API endpoint. There is no need for append=true. We will bill you 0.2 extra credit for each successful profile photo enrichment.

📎 Getting Your Account Balance

In order to get your account balance, you need to have at least one API. Use one of them to call following API endpoint:
API_KEY: Your application API key at DeBounce.
Response is the number of credits are available in your DeBounce account.

📎 Other Responses

The response you get when your credits are finished:
{“debounce”:{“error”:“Credits Low”, “code”:“0”},“success”:“0”}
The response you get when the API key is invalid:
{“debounce”:{“error”:“Wrong API”, “code”:“0”},“success”:“0”}
The response you get when your call rate is high (more than 10 concurrent calls):
{“debounce”:{“error”:“Maximum concurrent calls reached”, “code”:“0”},“success”:“0”}

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