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No date_sold

Rapid account: Rymoore 77
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I’m making requests in Python and all product results are coming back with blanks for “date_sold”. Is this a known bug?

{‘warning’: None, ‘success’: True, ‘average_price’: 55.14, ‘median_price’: 53.88, ‘min_price’: 14.51, ‘max_price’: 99.99, ‘results’: 109, ‘total_results’: 109, ‘pages_included’: 1, ‘products’: [{‘title’: ‘1985 Topps ROGER CLEMENS?PSA 9?ROOKIE - RC’, ‘sale_price’: 43.5, ‘condition’: ‘Pre-Owned’, ‘buying_format’: ‘Buy It Now’, ‘date_sold’: ‘’,

Rapid account: Rymoore 77
rymoore77 Commented לפני 4 חודשים

works now, thanks for the amazing support!

Rapid account: Ecommet
ecommet Commented לפני 4 חודשים

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. eBay is constantly changing their site and we try as quickly as we can to adjust our server once we notice these changes.

We’ve taken a look and fixed the date_sold in the response. Let us know if you discover any more issues.

Thanks so much, Colin

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