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Directly access IdealSpot’s location intelligence datasets to access Salary, Income, and Occupation data for a geo location’s population. ![]( Employment%2C Salary%2C and Income =1x1)

![]( Employment%2C Salary%2C and Income Details =1x1)


Use this API as your local economy microscope by querying IdealSpot hyperlocal employment insight and geometry data. We offer the most precise, extensive, and frequently-updated local market data in the US. Our data is available across the entire US and can be queried at geographic scales ranging from the micro (Census block) through the macro (nation).


Query data and GeoJSON geometries at these scales for any US latitude and longitude:

  • Rings (0.5 km+)
  • Drive time (1-60 minutes)
  • Bike time (3-60 minutes)
  • Walk time (5-60 minutes)
  • Public transit time (5-60 minutes)
  • Administrative region (US, states, core-based statistical areas, counties, Census-designated places, Census tracts, zipcodes, Census block groups, opportunity zones)

Directly access IdealSpot’s location intelligence datasets to access the following speciality economic data sets:

  • Salary/Wage per Employee per Annum
  • Household Income - The total amount all members of a household earn.
  • Occupation - The occupations of residents in the defined location area.

25,628 registered businesses, across 12 commercial real estate verticals, use IdealSpot’s 3,000+ datasets and location science to help them build intelligence in their local markets.

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