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API that provides access to a collection of thousands of riddles (and growing). Fetch a random riddle or a riddle of the day. You can build a perfect app to entertain kids and families for dinner times. You can also pull riddles by their ID, difficulty level and keyword of your interest. API also collects feedback such as upvotes, and flags to fine-tune the library of riddles. I will constantly be adding more riddles to the API as I come across them.
The Basic plan is completely FREE with a handful number of calls per month for those who build personal websites with decent traffic. You should be able to subscribe to it without any payment information.

Riddlie is an API product that provides access to a collection of thousands of riddles (and growing). Riddles are perfect for dinner or before-dinner conversations when families meet or kids hangouts and sleepovers. If you are planning to build a web app or mobile app around family entertainment, Riddlie can be a perfect API for your backend.

Riddlie provides five primary endpoints.

  1. Get Random Riddle serves the riddle randomly (one different riddle per call)
  2. Get Riddle of the Day serves a fixed riddle per day (does not change in 24 hours)
  3. Riddle by ID serves specific riddle by riddle ID if it is known
  4. Riddle by Difficulty Level serves riddles by the level of difficulty specified by you
  5. Riddle by Keyword serves the riddle by any keyword of interest

Randomization of riddles has been done using a special algorithm to avoid presenting the same riddle frequently. Likelihood of a riddle appearing again before your 5000th call is zero.

Riddlie API has been documented in the Swagger and attached a link here for your reference. I have also attached a link to a README file on GitHub. I have left a blank JSON with an example riddle. If you have a riddle that you want me to add to Riddlie, please update this JSON file and raise a pull request. I will review and add it to Riddlie eventually.

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