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Violent Quotes

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Hi. I like that API and i would like to use it to make a simple app but the API returns some violent quotes like “Pinochet should have killed more people.” by Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro. I don’t want to show people quotes like it. Can you remove violent quotes please?

And some quotes are have problem like this: “I salute my desires with a bow.,\r\nwere it not for them to come and play***\r\n***mind would be empty just like me.”.

martin.svoboda commented एक वर्ष पहले

Thank you for the feedback. Regarding the violent quote, I am planning to return only quotes handpicked by moderators and complying with guidelines. Mentioned quote definitely does not pass them.

The second quote is actually part of the poem and its content is separated by new line symbols. It is according to JSON standard and your JSON parser should handle them correctly.

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