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Rate Limit

Rapid account: Datafourinsight
3 years ago


Great API. I assume the rate limit of 10 per minute means that If I want to pull all articles on COVID, I need to iterate through the pages 1 at a time, each call for a page is a single request. Does that mean that I can only acquire 10 pages / minute and need to throttle the requests? Also, how do I know how many pages there are to iterate through. This would only be for an initial pull, then limiting the requests by using the from parameter for the next days run? But still, I’d need to know how many requests to make.



Rapid account: Kotartemiy
kotartemiy Commented 3 years ago

Hey, you have total_pages parameter which tells you how many pages.

Yes, you’d need to throttle to meet the limits (10/minute)

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