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SM is meant to be general purpose, so you can exploit it according to your needs. Do not worry about setups, dependencies, etc… you just need simple POST requests.
This tool is mainly built for data scientists, students and web-app testers, I hope to make you save some precious time!
Results are returned in a well structured JSON. Run automation tasks or simply scrape elements by id, class, selector, etc.

API is new and I am open to suggestions!

Official documentation

You can find the official ScrapingMonkey doc, with detailed description of the endpoints and examples, right here on github:

ScrapingMonkey has proxies included in every plan.

Basic plan

Meant for testing purposes, just to give you a taste of what it can do for you!

Other plans

Every plan has a relaxed threshold, choose the one tailored to your traffic per month.
Soft limits allows the API to stay operative even when you overcome the threshold for your plan! Do some maths and you’ll realise that is quite convenient. Otherwise, just choose another plan!

Let’s be clear

If you have the PRO plan and you’ve reached your monthly max quota, you’ll be charged $0.002 for each extra request.
i.e. extra 100 requests = extra fee of 20cents.

If you realize that you need more juice, just switch to another plan!

For technical requests contact me via mail:

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