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Loads a lot of data

Rapid account: Talbertherndon ATZ Tj F Np Gu
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Possible for the GET for the resturants by location could you add a number you want to load in.


Rapid account: Vfunnell
vfunnell Commented לפני שנתיים

For the Find a Restaurant endpoint I’ve also added another optional query parameter, ‘partialMatch’. With this set to 'yes e.g. ‘partialMatch=yes’, the endpoint will try to find restaurants of a similar name. E.g. if the search term is ‘Mowgli’, it will also find restaurants called ‘Mowgli Street Food’. Note, using partialMatch will add a delay to the response time, soo if you dont need it, omit this optional parameter.
Using limitQuery with a low number will greatly reduce the response time of a request.

Rapid account: Vfunnell
vfunnell Commented לפני שנתיים

Hi Talbert I have now added an optional parameter to allow an API GET request to limit the responses returned.

To do this just add ‘limitQuery=x’ after the question mark in the URL endpoint (where x is the number of responses you would like to receive e.g. ‘limitQuery=3’ would return 3 x results).

Let me know if this helps.


Rapid account: Vfunnell
vfunnell Commented לפני שנתיים


Sure I can look to add this feature as an optional parameter.

Will update when done.


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