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Build a powerful Biblical interface in your app via scripture and audio narration, but also pull the original Hebrew or Greek. In addition, use features like cross-references, search, and Strong’s Concordance.

Welcome to the IQ Bible API, which has been built to enable developers to access a well-maintained and powerful Bible API with useful out-of-the-box tools and resources, like Strong’s Concordance and the original texts in Hebrew or Greek; as well as advanced tools, like professional audio narration for complete chapters.

This API is available as a Freemium. Anyone can write their own application, program, or website to present Bible data in new and exciting ways. The API allows you to call methods that will respond with REST-style JSON.

The IQ Bible API provides an advanced structure for procuring not only Biblical passages but data from other theological sources:

  • Audio Narrations (complete audio narration for any chapter)
  • Multiple versions (with more in development)
  • English, Spanish, and Arabic languages (with more in development)
  • Cross-references
  • Original Hebrew and Greek text
  • Strong’s Concordance
  • Parallel Bibles
  • Random verse or chapter
  • Stories of the Bible
  • Search

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