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The WebSpellChecker team has improved our Web API with a few interesting features. First of all, now you can create your own User Dictionary and manage it using additional API requests. The other thing is our grammar checking functionality. Thus, you can utilize not only Spell Checking but also Grammar Checking.

Also, we are pleased to introduce our new pricing plans which will address and meet your business and technical needs and requirements.

Stay with us and meet new upgrades soon!

Best Regards,
The WebSpellChecker Team
WebSpellChecker LLC is one of the best providers of the spell and grammar checking technologies and services for web applications. Our products address the needs for quality spell check web solutions for a number of applications, such as Customer and Relationship Management (CRM), Content Management Systems (CMS), Email Marketing Tools, Help Desk Systems and many others.

WebSpellChecker products are available and provided as Cloud and Server/Standalone solutions. Our customers can choose how they would like to check spelling and grammar within their applications: Spell Check As You Type (SCAYT) or in separate Spell Check Dialog (WSC). Both solutions are built based on our Web API which is available here on Mashape Market as well. Thus, now with our Web API you can design your own spell checking and grammar checking strategy within your system.

Our Web API methods give an availability to check spelling and grammar in multiple languages, create personal dictionaries, etc. At the moment spell checking is available for 16 default languages and more than 140+ additional languages.

If you would like to know about our products or become our customer you can visit our website: https://www.webspellchecker.net.

Reach us with any additional questions at info@webspellchecker.net.

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