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Expected format for axios.get - Fixed

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4달 전


I am doing a project for school and one of the requirements is that I use the axios.get method.
I’ve tried a variety of combinations, but it keeps returning 401 unauthorized.

I’ve tried:
const countries = await axios.get(${key}?X-RapidAPI-Host=${host});

key and host both work when I use the code supplied by GeoDb.
Does anyone know how the string should be formatted? Also, when using the GeoDb code it only returned five countries. Any idea why?
Thank you

Rapid account: Wirefreethought
wirefreethought Commented 4달 전

I believe the default page-size limit imposted by the GeoDB client is 5. You are getting the first page of country results. To see the next, set the offset appropriately. You can increase the limit to 10 on the Basic plan.

Rapid account: Wirefreethought
wirefreethought Commented 4달 전

The key and host params are request headers. They should NOT appear in the query string. You need to submit them as headers in the axios.get call.

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